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GCD2DWG Conversion

Convert Generic Cadd .GCD drawings into AutoCad .DWG format.
Manual conversion with General Cadd Pro Convert (CT) using Shared DropBox folder.
(You do not need to have DropBox installed !)
Processing after Payment of Invoice for Handling Fee.
Resulting DWG files as converted through General Cadd.
1. Select MaxFiles/Cost Option and Acad Version. Press ORDER to initiate.
2. Await Invoice for Handling Fee. Pay to continue.
3. Await Invitation to Share DropBox folder GCD2DWG. Accept this.
4. Upload your GCD files to this folder. Single files only, no subfolders.
5. Send email message when Upload complete.
6. Await email mssg "Conversion complete".
7. Download DWG files. Delete GCD & DWG files.
Do not upload more than the max number of files selected.
Only that number of files will be processed. Should you require more, then initiate a new order.
Date of Order :

Customer Information :
Customer Name :
Country :
Email Adress :

GCD2DWG Conversion Order
Price : Select Package - Max number of files and Handling Fee.
  AU$ incl GST if in Australia - US$ if not in Australia
Version Select Autocad Version to convert to.
  Version 2013 is the latest one
Press Order Button to Initiate the Process
  Allow 24 (business) hours for Response

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Last edited : 20 November 2015